About Katie

Katie Malinski, LCSW, is the creator and leader of the Beyond Birds and Bees workshop for parents.

Having been a licensed child and family therapist for years, Katie was pretty comfortable talking about sex and could even say the “Voldemort” of body part names–vagina!–in a job interview.  Talking with mama-friends after the arrival of her first child showed Katie that there was a great need for supporting all parents to be able to talk with their own children about sexuality-related topics–from anatomy to reproduction to healthy touch.  Parents told her that they wanted to share their values, make sure their children were educated and protected, and be able to help their children make good decisions about sexuality.  But, since most hadn’t had open communication with their own parents about sexuality, they just weren’t sure how to get there.  Parents wanted information, role-modeling, practice, and support… so she set out to create a way to give them exactly that!

What started out as an informal gathering of mamas is now a nationally popular workshop.  Please explore this website for more information, book recommendations, videos, media clips, and more.  Thanks for visiting!